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Elena Siassi

Designer: Elena Siassi Model: 2200000020161
Tote bag 38 X 42 cm100% cotton bag 150gr, with long handle. Capacity 10L.Tote bag with gusset 38 Χ 42 Χ 10 cm100% cotton bag 220gr, with long handle and gusset. Capacity 16L.Tote bag with zip 51 X 38 X 15 cm100% cotton bag 280gr, with long handle, zip and inner pocket. Capacity 29L...
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Designer: Elena Siassi Model: 2200000020178
With this design you just chose you can make your own unique outfit.Choose one of the following styles and colors that we suggest in the options.Add a gift box, luxury gift box or printed fabric gift bag or both and give aunique gift for any occasion.The clothing styles you can choose:Men's Short Sl..
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